Point of Difference

HALO understands that not-for-profit organizations have a responsibility to use donor funds wisely and that CRA guidelines are in place for a reason. Many organizations are operating perilously close to the edge and still cannot break through the clutter generated by the 85,000+ registered charities in Canada that all compete for the donor’s share-of-mind and share-of-wallet.

HALO believes that effective not-for-profit organizations understand the dynamic relationship that exists between branding and fundraising. Gone are the days when brand marketing and fundraising teams operated in independent silos.

Successful non-profits know what motivates an individual to connect to a cause. They use branding as the engine that drives fundraising.

To truly compel someone to volunteer or to donate, a cause has to use the same tools that for-profit marketers do to understand what motivates an individual or corporation to give. To activate a person’s good intentions and philanthropic mindset, non-profits must ladder up to meet the higher-level emotional and spiritual needs that sit atop Maslow’s Hierarchy.