At the Intersection

HALO is for brands at the intersection of doing good and delivering results.

For not-for-profit organizations, this means developing compelling strategies, brand marketing campaigns and change management initiatives that create unstoppable public engagement and support fundraising that motivates donors to dig deep.

And, for the increasing number of for-profit marketers who understand that consumers look beyond a brand’s value proposition to see what an organization truly stands for, HALO makes corporate citizenship a strategic asset and a unique point of difference.

Company founder Paula Roberts has led some of Canada's best-known marketing communications agencies. She followed that with more than a decade in executive leadership roles at SickKids Foundation and Plan International Canada working on some of the most important social issues of our time. (See Paula’s bio for her accomplishments, memberships, board positions and certification.) 

Paula saw that a gap existed in the advertising category for not-for-profit marketers. This provided a unique opportunity for her to combine the strategic brand marketing skills of the for-profit world with the deep understanding of what it takes to inspire the public to donate to drive positive change. 

And HALO was born.