Is Your Brand Fundraising-Ready?

In 1969, Abraham Maslow amended his original motivational hierarchy by adding an eighth and crowning layer. Self-transcendence is the motivation a person has to connect to something beyond their own ego, to help others find self-fulfillment and realize their own potential. 

Self-transcendence is the key to unlocking a donor’s heart and their pocket book. It’s an essential need that sits inside every person, like a smoldering ember waiting to be ignited into flame. 

To determine how branding can drive an organization’s fundraising, HALO “ladders up” seeking answers to three questions:

  1. What is the critical need state that the organization is addressing and why should a donor prospect even care?
  2. How can the tangible impacts that a cause provides beneficiaries ladder up to a higher emotional benefit? 
  3. How will this emotional benefit make the donor prospect become a better person – how will it help him/her make a difference? 

To make a brand fundraising-ready, not-for-profit marketers have to go beyond telling prospective donors what makes their cause so great in order to show how their brand will make donors feel great about themselves.  

See Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and Because I Am A Girl case studies for more.