Hockey Canada

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Creating an Emotive Case For Support To Activate Major Gifts

“We Play Hockey for Life”

Hockey Canada is perhaps best known as the organization that leads and manages Canada’s beloved national hockey teams to compete at World Championships and the Winter Olympics. Less well known is Hockey Canada Foundation (HCF). It was established as a registered charity in 2000 to raise funds to support the growth of the game and foster the development of hockey skills for players, coaches and officials. HALO was engaged by Hockey Canada to develop a comprehensive strategic business plan for HCF in partnership with the Executive team and Board of Directors. HALO identified that a significant revenue opportunity existed and this led the creation of a persuasive Case For Support to guide the Foundation’s Major Gift fundraising program.

Despite Canada’s enormous success at the Olympics and in other international competitions, amateur hockey enrolment is at an all-time low. Canadian children are choosing to play other sports like soccer and many are opting for a more sedentary lifestyle. Parents who are new to Canada are not naturally drawn to hockey and some view it as a safety hazard to their child’s health. Further, many in the public perceive that the organization is already well-funded because it gets money from professional hockey teams, which is not the case.

Brand Strategy
To set the stage for fundraising, HCF has to convince prospects that a serious need exists. It has to appeal to the pride that Canadians have in the game of hockey and its national teams by laddering up to higher ground to deliver the promise inherent in HCF’s new Vision - Uniting Canadians through Hockey – one person, one community, one country.

Creative Campaign
“We Play Hockey for Life” is the theme of the 24-page Case for Support. The power of this idea is undeniable:

  • It conveys that hockey is with us for a lifetime – as fans, as players, as Canadians
  • It reflects the life-giving nature of the game – keeping us healthy body, mind and soul
  • It is a rallying cry for HCF’s work allowing it to speak to individuals from coast-to-coast
  • It is about what we all share and can be proud of
  • And, it’s an invitation to be a part of something really important by becoming a donor

Hockey Canada Foundation began using this campaign to support Major Gift fundraising in June 2017.