Parkinson Canada

Building an Online Pathway to Giving

Parkinson Canada is the national voice of Canadian’s living with Parkinson’s disease.
From diagnosis to discovery, they guide the way for Canadians to live well with Parkinson’s disease through research, education, advocacy and support services. The Parkinson SuperWalk is the largest fundraising event for the organization. Close to 10,000 people from coast-to-coast organize and take part in the SuperWalk held on the first weekend after Labour Day.

The challenge for the SuperWalk, like all P2P fundraising events, is to continuously   attract new participants each year given high turnover rates. Although the SuperWalk has slightly higher than industry standards retention rates, attracting new recruits is a vital challenge. We needed to reach a fresh and new audience of people who care about the cause, across the country, on a relatively modest marketing budget. 

Our solution was to invest fully in digital - the most cost-effective channel to reach our small audience, i.e. only the 100,000 Canadian’s affected by Parkinson’s disease, their caregiver and inner circle of family and friends. HALO recommended a blend of the most advanced online targeting tactics on major social channels including database matching, connections, interests, Gmail, look-a-like and geo-targeting proximity to key event locations.  By reaching only those signaling that they are personally connected to the cause, we were able to reach the bulls eye target with the frequency of exposure required to create a true “pathway to giving”.

The digital campaign surpassed all key performance metrics including the most important – the cost of acquisition. The CPA delivered a 930% ROI based on the average dollar amount raised per participant.