Pathway to Giving


According to Blackbaud, digital marketing is the fastest growing fundraising channel in Canada. And in 2013, Statistics Canada reported that 14% of all Canadian donors made an online donation, double the rate measured in 2010. 

Why is the digital channel growing, while others including peer-to-peer fundraising and event marketing, are in steep decline? 

HALO believes the answer is simple. 

The digital channel provides non-profit marketers with the perfect tool to connect its branding and fundraising. How is that?

Digital hyper-targeting tactics enable an organization to cost-effectively find, nurture and engage prospects whose philanthropic mindset and motivations align with their brand. Once identified and prioritized, they can be asked to make a donation and activated online. The measurability of online media also means that, unlike traditional advertising, the effectiveness of campaigns can be tracked and optimized in real time to maximize impact and response. 

How cost-effective is the digital channel? 

Typically an online campaign can be executed at under $5 CPM — a fraction of the cost of traditional direct response tactics like personalized direct mail. Its measurability combined with its target ability and low cost of production means that a not-for-profit can test- market the impact of digital campaigns for budgets as low as $15,000.

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