Stand Up For Kids

Creating a Sub-brand to Increase Differentiation and Fundraising Potential

HALO was engaged by Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada (CAF) to lead the organization through an objective strategic planning process called Zero-based Planning. This structured process led to the organization’s new Vision and Mission which set the Foundation in motion for dynamic revenue growth. (See CAF case study for more details.) It also uncovered an underlying issue that if not overcome could inhibit CAF from expanding fundraising beyond its traditional base of major gift donors, preventing the organization from achieving its five-year fundraising goal of $60MM.

Branding Challenge
Children’s Aid Foundation is often confused with the Children’s Aid Society, the social welfare agency charged with keeping children safe from abuse and neglect. Anecdotal research suggests that many donor prospects in the general public believe child abuse is not something they can influence and therefore they choose to support other non-profits where they can have a greater impact.

Branding Solution
HALO recommended that a new sub-brand be created to stand apart from the work of the Children’s Aid Society and to increase CAF’s fundraising readinessCAF agreed and selected a name for the new sub-brand – Stand Up For Kids.

Branding Strategy
To maximize fundraising potential, HALO recommended that marketing for the new sub-brand focus on a specific group of donor prospects defined as "small a activists" – primarily college and university educated women, many of whom are mothers. These individuals see the bigger picture and look beyond the government to correct social injustices and extend a hand to those who cannot help themselves. HALO’s strategy is to engage these women in a movement called Stand Up For Kids following a sequential three step process that leads to a donation request, rather than starting with an "overt ask."

Creative Campaign
The first step in the process is to overcome the public’s misperceptions about the issue. HALO developed personas to hyper-target "small a activists" through a series of digital video and static ads. All ads click to a landing page where the target is asked to sign the Stand Up For Kids pledge and to share it using their social channels, the second step in the process. Following data capture, prospects are sent a series of communications that provide tangible actions they can take in their own community to become a Stand Up For Kids Ally. This third step is then followed by a digital donation request made by the President and CEO of the CAF. Stand Up For Kids launched on September 11, 2017.  

The campaign instantly hit a public nerve. The number of people who took the pledge was almost three times higher than the objective  for the first six weeks of the campaign. 

You can join the movement by signing the pledge at