The Power of Objectivity


Rarely do our not-for profit clients have the ability to access for-profit size budgets to address their marketing and fundraising challenges. Operating  within CRA’s guidelines has become the major issue facing non-profits, given the heightened competitive activity in the sector over the past decade. 

Simply put, it’s getting more expensive to activate donors.  

HALO believes its role is to help organizations working with limited budgets to out-think their competition. We approach every challenge with a blank piece of paper. We don’t make any preconceived assumptions and always provide our clients with an objective point of view based on the findings of our discovery analysis. 

We can access the full range of resources that a non-profit may need to use in order to effectively implement its branding and fundraising campaigns. And we prioritize the recommendations that we make to maximize the impact of the available budget.   

In the past, this would typically require that an organization hire two (or more) agency partners, leaving the critical roles of prioritization and integration in the client’s hands. HALO believes that integrating all brand marketing with an organization’s fundraising initiatives is the only way to maximize return-on-investment and keep the cost-per-dollar ratio as low as possible.